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Mountain Biking-Top 5 Places in India for Thrill

Mountain biking is an adventure sports where participants ride their rough terrain bikes (bicycles) on slopes of mountains and similar terrains. It is a very interesting and popular sport. A lot of people visit India with their mountain bike to enjoy an extraordinary mountain biking experience. Here are the top five destinations for mountain biking in India.


Manali is called as the mountain biking capital of India. Manali is located in Himachal Pradesh. It is a town that is located near Kullu Valley. Thus, it goes without saying that the slopes and mountain ranges that you find in Manali would be aesthetically serene. The best mountain biking trail is from Manali to Ladakh. Karakoram Pass is also an important track for challenging mountain bikers. There are a lot of natural trails in Manali with varying difficulty. There are many mountain biking networks that conduct many events from time to time.

Karakoram Pass Mountain Biking


Leh is a district located in Jammu and Kashmir. It is one of the important places for those who love adventure sports. This place is known for having the world’s top three highest motorable mountain passes. Khardung La is an important destination for mountain biking. Most of the trails found in Leh are very challenging. Many trails will be closed during winter season. Many famous riders like Kelly McGarry, Andi Wittmann and others have chosen Leh as their mountain biking destination. There are a lot of mountain ranges in Leh where you can test your bike’s limit. It is better to visit Leh during summer as winter would increase risk of land sliding and other problems.

Khardung La Mountain Biking


Pindari is located in Uttarkhand. Pindari Glaciers is the best place for those who are looking for a unique mountain biking experience. To reach this glacier, you need to pass through many natural trails, beautiful villages in the Himalayan ranges and serene sceneries. Many international mountain bikers and cyclists visit Pindari for this glacier trail. Many professionals provide crash course and special guided tours for amateurs.



Munnar is a hill station in Kerala. This place is filled with a lot of mountain ranges of Western Ghats. There are many man-made tracks and natural trails in Munnar. You can ride through tea estates too. There are a lot of tracks for beginners here. Long distance bicycle tours are conducted by the state every year. Guided tours are also provided by institutes in Munnar.

Munnar Mountain Biking-Kerala


Coorg is a hill station in Karnataka. It is located amidst Western Ghats. Thus, you can find varying mountain trails and man-made tracks for mountain biking. Many coffee plantations have serene trails within them and they are open to all kinds of mountain bikers. There are jeep tracks too. Tadiyandamol is the highest peak in this region. This track is nested with many springs and waterfalls. This track is just for experienced mountain bikers. If you are new to this sport, you can camp at Honey Valley and choose some small trails nearby.

Coorg Mountain Biking-Karnataka

Mountain biking might be a year-around adventure. But, not all tracks will be open throughout the year. Before you start your mountain biking tour, learn about your destination. Find out the peak tourism season and check out the trails that will be opened during each season. Do not just go by what your agent says. Get the map of the trail and check whether it would suit your expertise level. After all, your safety is of priority.

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